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Rock Mornings Reboot with Colin & Courtney

So you think parking Uptown is expensive? At least the monthly fees are reasonable around here... In LA, to park to see the RAMs play cost between $60 & $1,000! Remember, this is only for the game...

You could pay... $60


Or $100


A couple of dudes will maybe stop somebody breaking into your car for $180..


Or get your parking spot for the game online for $1,000

 Full story



She's a tad off her rocker.... 





Colin Calls a Dulse Store On Grand Manan To Complain About His Sex Life



Steve Adler performed with GNR last night for the first time since 1990! -



Brian Johnson before AC/DC

Hetfield and Hammet jamming the national anthem before Game 4 Pens V Sharks. It's awesome! 




Costco brawl in Mississauga. 



May 18 is SJs birthday! 231 years old, and don't look a day over 230! 


Courtney was fortunate enough to be a reporter in SJ in 2010, she got to cover and participate in Saint John 225. Six years ago to the day : we had a 21 gun salute on the waterfront, the clock at the foot of King Street (Irving gifted it to the city) was unveiled, the city charter was on display for the first time in a couple decades, and men dressed in Loyalist garb in scorching heat! 





Court thought it was a great idea to combine Colins Wiener Water & whisky. She calls it Whisky Dick.... Moment of regret at 2:42. - Colin




For some reason, Icelanders like blow drying their balls.... This guy with Icelandic roots, heard us, and had to call...


Then Colin had to find out why...



Tragically Hip released a new tune last night... It's called “In A World Possessed By The Human Mind".  Their new new album Man Machine Poem  will be available June 17 and starting today, you can pre-order the album on CD or Vinyl on or digitally through iTunes 





 Guns N Roses Friday April 1 2016


Here's a movie loosely based on the events surrounding Noel Winters... The director lived on the Kingston Peninsula when things went down in the early 80's. 



We were talking about VHS tapes when Don reminded me of when I used to tape MuchMusics POWER HOUR! (Colin)

Claude Emond shared his video of the Sheepdogs show in Moncton last Friday night.

She's 15! Lauren Tate covers Zeps Whole Lotta Love

Here's that history of rock video we talked about by a group called Ithaca Audio. 348 rockstars, 84 guitarists, 44 drummers and 64 songs in one anthological rock mashup.  

History of Rock from Ithaca Audio on Vimeo.



Here's the petition to have Neil Young change his name to Neil Old.




Colin & Court chat it up with the crew behind the website encouraging Americans to move to Cape Breton if Trump becomes president! This is the website:



Saint John Donald Trump connection: he might have won some politickin' last night, but WE HAVE HIS HAIR IN PLANT FORM.




The most dangerous things you can do while driving ...having a cow in the back seat.. Alex heard us talking about it this morning and sent this... 



Then we got this...






 Here's a 68 year old woman in an MMA fight





 Brandy and Eric are going on an all expense paid cruise! - Colin




We challenged ROCKHEADS to do something in front of the new .. and you came through


This guy waved and shuffled... 

This guy actually danced! (sorry no video)






ROCKHEADS raised over $8,200 by Gettin' Their Rocks Off last Saturday! Thanks for helping the Canadian Cancer Society NB! Now lets play a game of "Where's Courtney?" Pick her out in this pic!



Somebody had way too much time on their hands when they made this... Then again we must have too much time, since we watched it..



Cool! Ace Frehley covers Creams "White Room"





Unreleased RHCP with Dave Navarro


Chicken Wing Chew Off!





Damn you Courtney!





2016 Super Bowl ads!









The Magic starts at 2:35. 




WTF is our obessesion with goats?


Courtney and I were yakking it up about this dude in Texas who was charged with theft after he confiscated his 12 year old daughters cell. Judge ruled in his favour.. Not guilty.. It brought up another topic, kids and cell phones in school.. Check out what this NBCC instructor had to say..





Was the Gronk interferred with?



Crazy hockey brawl in London, Ontario where a linesman punched a player.




Courtney nails Colin with a snowball.....



How much do you make while sitting on the can? This website will calculate it for you.. 


You can watch Lemmys memorial service this Saturday night 7-830 our time below.


Holy crap! Cool! Van Halen biographer Greg Renoff unearthed a four decade old Van Halen Rock Opera! It was recorded during a live performance at Pasadena High School on April 25th, 1975.






Dana Larsen : marijuana advocate, author, politician, and friend of Rock Mornings.  He's a major voice for the legalization of marijuana in Canada, and a weed Santa of sorts! He said that since the Liberal government is soon going to be legalizing cannabis - it's a good time for MPs to learn the history of cannabis in Canada and "re-familiarize themselves with the pleasant effects of cannabis".  Each and every Liberal MP - count 'em, there's 184 - has now been sent a gram of pot and a copy of his new book, Cannabis in Canada - The Illustrated History. We're not politicians...but our mail might also be a bit skunky next week.


Story is at this link!







It's official! Axl & Slash ARE reuniting GUNS N' ROSES to headline Coachella in April. The lineup will feature Axl, Slash, and Duff. No word on Izzy or Steven. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, starting at $400 American. For more information, hit up - Colin




New Metallica on the way!


Blue Jays coming to Freddy Town!




"Oh shit!" Wrong winner announced.. The look she gives at :44... Thats the same look I get from my wife when I'm about to NOT get sex for a month.


A very disturbed Macaulay Culkin plays Kevin as an adult.  A very disturbed adult.






Send Trump to outer space by clicking the pic!




Something for the Missus at Christmas


Sea Dog forward Boko Imama got suspended for 15 games after he left the bench to fight Kelly Bent of the Mooseheads. 




 This is how Zakk Wylde celebrates.






She wanted to know if the bacon shaving cream tasted like bacon.. 

"Taste like failure and regret!"  



Chris Cornell uses the lyrics from Metallicas "One" with the music from U2's "One"

This is the heavy metal version of You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch...

This is the piano guy Courtney and I talked about this morning... He rode his bike while towing this grand piano to the Bataclan theatre. He felt it was his “duty” to pay tribute to the victims of the Paris attacks. - Colin

Foot in mouth disease is waaaay to common with ROCKHEADS.. Like this guy.. How to inappropriately interrupt a funeral.

You can own Krt Cobains famous Unplugged cardigan!
Just make sure you have cash and a button, cause it's missing one.. Click this link
Drive around Saint John flooding everybodys outdoor rink, you'll be a hero.. Own your own Zamboni!
Of course we had to post this

Courtney doesn't eat fruit or veggies, just lemons and limes.. She accepted the lemon challenge.. Rind and all. 

Loyalist City Paranormal investigated the Imperial Theatre. You can watch the whole documentary or skip to the really good part at 12:45.
Stephen Harper Yard Sale! 

We interviewed the new Prime Minister the day after he won!

Worst football play ever..

Saint John - Rothesay candidates explain how they'd eat a wooden door.

Kevin and his ROCKHEAD buddies blew up a pumpkin....

Amazing Race Canada is recruiting... . The show is searching for the next contestants for its 4th season. Prizes, cash and adventure... the only thing is, you'll be spending a lot of time with your teammate... choose wisely...







Listen to what this arsehole said....




ROCKHEAD Dave gets a tele-scam call.... This guy says he lives on PEI, but has never heard of hockey....


Thankgiving! Learn to cook a turkey with Ozzys Evil Cooking Show...





After Court and I aired the interview of the couple whose car was washed into the Belleisle Bay...

We had a number of ROCKHEADS asking to help them out.. Insurance doesn't cover this and they just moved here. Listen to their harrowing story.. below, and If you want to donate, click this link!



She didn't take her meds today... She doesn't quite understand how "Deer Crossing" signs work...




Bear eats womans kayak! Aaaannnnd she talks to it like it's her boyfriend.



Print this off if you need a late pass.




Colins Callin'! We let Signs Plus know they won Greco Pizza and Captain Sub the best way we know how...






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