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Have Rock...Will Travel!

Hi I'm Adam Marriott.  Host of Rock of the Atlantic.  I've spent a few years in Radio and a few more in Rock Radio.  I thank Kentville for my early years. Getting a Radio diploma from KingsTec and spending a lot of my student loan and weekends at the Old Orchard Inn.  
From New Glasgow to Truro to Halifax, I've interviewed everyone from Randy Bachman to The Trews.  Travelled from Halifax to Moncton for some great rock shows.  Moncton vs. Halifax.  Why can't we all just get along.  I'm as happy at the Moncton Coliseum as I am at Scotiabank Centre as long as the Rock's good and loud.   And why the hell can't I root for the Mooseheads AND the Wildcats AND the Seadogs.  As least til playoff season.  ;).
When the headphones come off, you'll find me sitting next to a river in Tatamagouche.  My camp is 'off grid'. A fancy way of saying: Grab something from the cooler and the outhouse is that way.
Wanna give me a shout?  Call me toll free at 1-844-333-ROCK (7625)


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